Everybody Gets Mad: Helping Your Child Cope with Conflict

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Help Children to act Calm

Sometimes, getting along with other kids is hard. Some kids:

This can make your child feel bad or get in trouble. Teach your child how to deal with anger and stay out of trouble.

Everyone Gets Mad

Anger doesn't usually last a long time, but it is a very strong feeling when it happens.

Children get mad when:

When children are mad, their bodies react:

When children are angry, it is:

Teach your Child to act Calm

When children get mad, they can ACT:


Calm down.

Think and talk.

If someone tries to start a fight, your child can be the one to stay CALM:

Calm down.



Move on.

Find ways to solve the problem without fighting.

Children do what they see others do. You are your child's most important role model.

If your child is still having trouble getting along with other kids, talk with your pediatrician.